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Time-Restricted Eating Can Help You Finally Lose Weight for Good


Most women, if not all, know the burden of being on a diet for at least once in their lifetime. The goals are different for everyone, from trying to look more toned at the beach, for looking at feeling better at an important event during their lifetime or just to improve overall health, all of us have tried different methods to cut back calories and become thinner.

But usually, diets fail because people either snack a lot, even on healthy treats and especially at night-time, habits which can add unnecessary calories to your daily allowance without even noticing. If this sounds all too familiar, then Time-Restricted Eating can be something for you to try.

Time-Restricted Eating is a form of intermitted fasting, which is a theory that suggests that most of us spend too much of our time eating and by limiting the actual hours that you eat in the day, unnecessary snacking will be curbed. This could mean that you can choose your own hours.

So if you are someone that doesn’t really feel the need to eat something in the morning, you can choose to eat between noon and 7 pm. But if you are someone who is not that bothered about dinner and you like to eat a lot when you wake up, you can start eating right in the morning and then stop around 2-3pm. What is great about this diet is that it is up to you to decide how many hours you want to fast during a day and work those hours around your schedule.

The University of Alabama studied a group of overweight men and women for 4 days on a restricted schedule and 4 more on a normal eating schedule. During this experiment, the research found that during the restricted period, the participants burned more fat during the night and, funnily enough, also had more cravings during the day.

This is a small study and the long-term long effects on fat loss haven’t been studied yet, but if you are someone that struggles with unnecessary snacking we really think this method is worth a try!