15 Body Language Mistakes You Should Refrain from Doing


We all know at least one person shows confidence and charisma without working at it. Roughly 90% of all communications are verbal, but the gestures that you make – either knowingly or otherwise – can give off a certain impression. If you’re at a job interview, you’ll want your body to show the same confidence in your skills that your resume says about you, so if you’re unsure why your interviewer passed up on hiring you, it may be because of what your arms, back, legs, and facial muscles are doing.

1. Slouching


Hunching over is a huge no-no, yet it’s one of the most commonly made body-language errors. It may be caused by our habit of sitting in front of computers for long periods, but as soon as you get up from your chair, it’s time to straighten out that back. Try puffing out your chest slightly while keeping your shoulders back.


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