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How to Get the Perfect Sleek Ponytail


Ponytails are no longer a way to tie your hair when exercising. Thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, they are the perfect hairdo do elevate an elegant look. Even though it looks effortless, it is not that easy to achieve. But luckily for you, we tested the best tips and tricks and with them, you will look red carpet ready in no time.

Source: Getty Images

1. Blow drying perfection

Any hairstyle starts with a good base and for this one blow drying is key. The secret is that you have to blow dry the hair in the direction that you want the base of your ponytail to be. This way you redirect all the hairs towards a specific spot to make sure that each and every hair will stay nice and straight.

2. Work in sections

Once you have all the hair going in one direction, secure the top half of the ponytail first with a small hair tie at the base. To make sure that all hair stays in place, take a toothbrush with hairspray and gently flatten all hairs.

3. Pin the bottom half

The secret of working in sections is that by breaking up the process you have more control over every bit of hair. By adding the bottom half later, you make sure that your hair stays smooth and secure all night long.


4. Use a bungee cord for added security

The best way of making sure that the centre of ponytail doesn’t move throughout the night is by using a bungee elastic. Take one end of the elastic and hook it in the ponytail, tightly wrap it around as tight as you can, and hook the other end to secure everything together.

5. Hide the elastics

For the most flawless ponytail, an elastic that shows it not the most aesthetically pleasing. So grab a small strand of hair and wrap it around until the elastic is fully covered. Then secure it with a bit of gel and voila, you are done!