7 Times Prince Harry’s Love Fizzled


Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has to be the member of the British Royal family with the most relationship fallouts. Did you know that before Meghan Markle he had many exes before meeting his one true love? Not all of Prince Harry’s relationships weren’t about love, but most of them were just normal dates, or at least as normal can get with famous and rich women. This prince of Briton has been going through rough relationships that just weren’t meant to be. Check out this list of seven women who were with the Duke but just weren’t the one.

1. Chelsy Davy


Back in 2004, Prince Harry and Chelsy met in Cape Town, Africa while Harry was still doing his military training in Sandhurst and studying in Eton. Even though the couple on and off relationship lasted for four years. Chelsy just couldn’t handle being in the spotlight with a member of the royal family.