20 Pairs of Heels Perfect for an Outdoor Wedding


A pair of high heeled shoes is the perfect combination to an already flawless and fun outfit that you will be wearing to weddings this summer. Since a majority of the weddings that take place in the hot season tend to be outdoors, you need to find the perfect pair of heels that will be comfortable to wear on grass or even on the beach. We searched the internet for the best options out there, so you don’t have to do it! After all, who doesn’t love finding the perfect item in just a couple of minutes?

1. Bold choices

Be one of the bold girls this season and choose high heels in wild shades of neon or glistening silver that shines from all across the dance floor. After all, dancing is one of the best parts of a wedding and you need to look the part.

2. Classic with a twist

Pale pink is one of the shades that will be a true classic forever, no matter how the wedding trends chance. It is very versatile and perfect for something more traditional. If you want a safe color option, but would still like a little twist, these black and white wedges are a perfect choice.

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