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19 Ways Guys Can Look More Attractive to Women


If you plan on looking for a woman. You have to look as attractive as possible. Nobody likes a grouchy and misunderstood person on their first encounter because first impressions matter. The person who’s going to be with you doesn’t want a man that doesn’t have any special qualities. Especially a man who can’t even take care of themselves. Now, why would a person want to be with somebody that can’t take of themselves let alone in the future that person has to take care of the relationship together that would most likely be one-sided? You have to man up and learn these tips on to become a better man.

1. Look for Signs that She’s Flirting


According to anthropology, every woman in the world shows interest through expressions. For example, psychologists say that when a woman is gazing in your direction constantly, it means that she is genuinely interested in you. Also, when a woman is covering her face, she is usually giggling behind her hands because she can’t handle her feelings.


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