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15 Abandoned Places on Earth that Will Leave You Stunned


There are places on our planet that look like they come directly out of horror stories. It’s interesting to see that certain things and places that once belonged to thriving communities are being taken back by Mother Nature. I guess that’s just the natural order of things, but at least there are some pretty great pictures. Take a look at this amazing collection of abandoned places found on all corners of the Earth.

1. Kolmanskop, Namibia

Source: womendailymagazine.com

Kolmanskop was home to one of the most well-known diamond mines in recent history. German miners flocked to this city and soon hospitals, schools, and the first tram in Africa were built. As the diamond mine became void of its resources, miners and their families packed up and headed southward near the Orange River where the largest diamond mine known to man became fair game.


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